Friday, 23 October 2015

Books by Robert Fisher


I have published more than 30 books on education, including:

Brain Games for Your Child (2011) Souvenir Press ISBN 9780285640436

Creative Dialogue: Talk for Thinking in the Classroom (2009) Routledge ISBN 9780415497275

Teaching Thinking: Philosophical Enquiry in the Classroom (2008)Continuum ISBN 030470065 

Teaching Children to Learn (2005) Nelson Thornes ISBN 074872091X

Teaching Children to Think (2005) Nelson Thornes ISBN 0748722351  


Stories for Thinking (1996) Nash Pollock  ISBN 1898255091

Poems for Thinking (1997) Nash Pollock ISBN1898255156

Games for Thinking (1997) Nash Pollock  ISBN 189825513X 

First Stories for Thinking (1999) Nash Pollock ISBN1898255296 

First Poems for Thinking (2000) Nash Pollock ISBN189825530X

Values for Thinking (2001) Nash Pollock ISBN1898255377

Starters for Thinking (2006) Nash Pollock ISBN1898255482

You can order these from libraries, publishers, booksellers and online, or contact me for further information.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Brain Games for Your Child

Brain Games for Your Child my latest book, published by Souvenir Press, is for any parent, grandparent or carer who wishes to develop their child's thinking and creative skills through fun games to play with people rather than electronic screens. It is 'an essential guide for raising a happier, brighter and more sociable child.'

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Creative Dialogue

'Creative Dialogue' is a guide to dialogic learning for teachers and parents, published by Routledge. It presents many practical ways of teaching children to be more thoughtful and creative through speaking and listening in school and at home.